What could the Checkrite do for you? 

Our Checkrite validation systems provide effective and thorough on-line validation of every barcode with flexible configuration options. 

  • Ensures your products are correctly labelled

  • Saves you money by preventing misplaced shipments or repackaging

  • Helps prevent mis-labelling

  • Avoids costly penalties for incorrect barcodes

  • Reduced or zero returns due to barcode errors

Why Choose Checkrite?

  • Excellent value for money

  • Simple to install & easy to use

  • Stand-alone system

  • No PC required

  • Programmable / customisable

  • Ability to connect to your factory network

  • Can deal with 1D (Linear) or 2D barcodes

  • Choice of scanners – Omron, Datalogic, Zebra

  • High speed scanning

Why Choose Identify Direct?

  • We created the Checkrite to meet the needs of our customers, people like you, as they couldn’t find what they wanted elsewhere.

  • We continue to evolve the Checkrite to meet your specific requirements.

  • You can trust us: we have extensive experience and expertise in the field of barcodes and machine vision and we have a well-established background in barcode verification and validation.

  • We are authorised partners/resellers of Microscan/Omron, Honeywell/Intermec, Datalogic and Zebra scanning equipment.

  • We can support you as much or as little as you need. Some customers want the peace of mind having us install the Checkrite, but most find it so easy that they set it up themselves, maybe with a little telephone or facetime guidance.

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