Honeywell is pleased to announce the release of the upgraded firmware version for the Gen7 platform (Version RI000445BAA), which enables additional engine compatibility and optimization.

Focused on enhancing customer experience, the upgraded firmware version of the Gen7 platform supports the follow engines and modules:
• Gen7 Decoder Boards
• N4680 Engine
• CM4680 Module
• HF52X Module
See Affected Part numbers table below for further detail.

DETAILS Please refer to the list below for a comprehensive list of features, additions, and changes made in this latest production release of firmware.

New Features

• The command REV_SD has been added to show the scan driver revision
• The command REV_DR has been added to show the decoder revision
• Added new decoder library (2023.02.11037) including rMQR Code support


• Updated decoder library has been added with latest improvements
• Updated the Honeywell bootloader
• Allows M0 to be directly updated without needing to roll back to old firmware
• Updated sleep library code (resolves enumeration issues found)
• Resolved hang-ups in SHOTGN mode when in use with serial triggers
• Resolved decoder slow downs under high speed scanning
• Improved the SHWWIN command to enable the overlay of the boundary box
• Improved serial lockup during high speed scanning
• Resolved PDCEMX bug
• Resolved EX-30 hang-up during long trigger times
• Improved IMGSSNP, illumination, and exposure issues when in TRGMOD3
• Expanded PWRNOL0 command on in different trigger modes


• Updated data compression to Zlib 1.2.13
• Updated C++ Cryptography library to Crypto++8.7.0
• Updated tool chain from MIPS 5.3.0 to MIPS 7.2.0