Honeywell’s New Compact N4680 Decoded 2D Scan Engine Optimizes Paperless and Contactless Operations

The N4680’s flexible design allows for simple integration either with standard serial TTL or USB interface. The compact form factor and one-piece design mean there is no extra cable or decoder board to worry about. As a result, N4680 customers benefit from flexibility to their design integrations.

“With its compact design, it is a versatile option for our customers from retail and healthcare to supply chain and warehouses,” said Lori Haggart, general manager of optical engines and software at Honeywell’s Sensing and Internet of Things business. “It allows operations to effortlessly handle the volume of scanning intensive applications, and the compact size allows it to easily fit into tight mechanical designs.”

The Honeywell N4680 scan engine is extremely motion tolerant with its image capture at the rate of 120 fps maximum and powerful processor that is 2.5 times faster than its N3680 predecessor. With the latest decoder platform from Honeywell, the N4680 supports a wide variety of symbologies to address the growing trend of many paperless, contactless applications. A few other key features that make the N4680 scan engine series a superb addition to Honeywell’s scan engine line-up includes:

With decades of experience in scanning and decoding, Honeywell continues to connect the physical and digital worlds by providing innovative solutions. Our engineering expertise coupled with a robust and flexible portfolio of scan engines helps design engineers solve the most complex design challenges.

Learn more about the N4680 Decoded 2D Scan Engine here.

  • Enhanced ability to read poorly printed and on-screen barcodes
  • Drop-in replacement for the N3680 with the same electrical and mechanical compatibility, but with a much higher motion tolerance than its predecessor, allowing customers to design it into scanning-intensive applications
  • The fully integrated, one-piece design scan engine offers no need for an extra decoder board or host decoder programming. In fact, the N4680 does not require a separate CPU or OS for integration into your device
  • Supports beyond barcode functionalities such as OCR and TotalFreedom™ which offers an open-system architecture for developing software plug-ins to implement value-added custom features such as Honeywell’s EasyDL™
  • Wide operating temperature range provides application flexibility
  • Includes Honeywell’s world class, patented decoding software for optimized performance