• The N5780 Series features superb motion tolerance, reaching 6 m/s with an image capture rate of 60 FPS, upwards to 120 FPS with a firmware upgrade.

    The powerful imaging processor provides beyond barcode reading capabilities for OCR, as well as optimized reading performance of QR codes. White illumination and the green cross target aimer provide the end user with a superior and intuitive scanning experience that helps to boost transaction speed and productivity.

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  • Honeywell’s ultra slim scan engine innovation continues with the latest FlexRange™ N6803 Series 2D scan engines.

    Honeywell offers its customers the latest Swiftdecoder™ HD host decoder software which leverages the customer's mobility processing power. For customers developing devices without an OS, Gen8 DB decoder boards are perfectly designed to provide a seamless barcode reading experience with minimal footprint, best suited for wearable devices. POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS For use in professional-grade, mobile devices such as tablets, wearable scanners, mobile terminals, accessories in retail stores, warehouses and healthcare facilities, as well as delivery, pick-up/drop-off and field servicing.
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  • SE4100/SE4107 OEM 1D/2D Scan Engines for cost effective, enterprise class decoded and undecoded imagers


    Reduce development time and cost with this decoded engine. There no integration or programming required to accommodate an extra decoder board. No OS or high-end processor is required in the host device, allowing you to add enterprise-class scanning to more types of products.
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  • Compact. Slider bracket securely holds USB cable. 10 mounting holes. Red or white LED. Four optics options. Withstands extreme temperatures
    Honeywell’s CM Series Compact 2D Imager Module provides a self-contained 1D and 2D barcode scanning solution, whether decoding mobile phone screens or paper. Its all-in-one, easy-to-mount design simplifies integration into your fixed mount enclosure. A selection of optics allow you to meet the performance requirements your application requires.
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  • Self-contained scanning solution. Easily integrated into fixed mount enclosures. LED. Configurable motion detector. EVA- compliant exit window.
    The CF3680 2D Imager Module for Customer-Facing Designs provides a self-contained 1D and 2D barcode scanning solution, whether it is decoding mobile phone screens, cards or paper.
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  • All-in-one-solution. Enhanced barcode reading performance. USB/RS232/TTL multi interface support. IP54. SR and ER optics
    Designed as a powerful 2D barcode scanner which offers specialized scanning performance for reading screen barcodes to help customers improve efficiency with these high throughput devices.
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  • OEM Fixed-Mount 2D Area Imager
    Delivering high scanning throughput and remote configurability in an easy-to-mount enclosure, the Vuquest 3330g is the smart way to add 2D imaging performance to your product design.
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  • The N4680 barcode scan engine is a one piece design, fully decoded 2D scan engine that utilizes Honeywell’s latest imaging and decoding technology.

    Drop-in replacement for the N3680.
    Honeywell's next generation, compact decoded N4680 2D scan engine is available in either TTL serial or USB versions, both with an industry-standard, 12-pin ZIF connector. To provide an easier migration path for customers using its predecessor, the Honeywell N3680, the N4680 scan engine is the same mechanical size and features the same mounting holes and electrical pin-out to create a drop-in replacement. For legacy customers using the Gen5 5x00 and EAxx platforms, the N4680 engine provides an upgrade path to better performance in a more compact one-piece package
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  • Near and Extended FlexRange™ read ranges of 10 cm to 20 m ● Fast, aim-and-scan ● Compact ● Compatible with N670X, N660X, & N360X Series scan engines
    The Extended FlexRange™ EX30 2D Scan Engine for warehouse and distribution center operations seamlessly reads barcodes from 10 cm to 20 m [4 in to 66 ft] using the latest technology for a fast auto-focus mechanism. Warehouse and distribution centre operation managers need barcode scanning solutions that can read barcodes at close distances as well as those farther away, such as package labels on shelves as high as 10 cm to 20 m [4 in to 66 ft]. The EX30 answers this key requirement by enabling a wide angle read range of 42° at close distances and up to 20 m [66 ft].  
  • Upgraded to the N4680
    The N3680 barcode scan engine is a fully decoded 2D imager that utilizes Honeywell decoding and imaging technology in our most compact design. It represents a balance between size, performance and ease of integration, providing an enhanced user experience. The N3680 2D imager supports a wide variety of symbologies, including 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes. It also includes advanced features that support reading poorly-printed barcodes, and can read barcodes directly from smartphone screens. To provide an easy upgrade path for customers desiring a 1D laser with a 2D imaging option, the N3680 is the same size as the N4315, and even features the same mounting holes and electrical pin-out. This gives you the greatest flexibility to quickly provide barcode reading solutions with the lowest design cost, in the most compact designs.
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