• Omnidirectional scanning of 1D and 2D bar codes
    • Twice as fast as traditional 2D imagers
    • Extremely durable, compact size for hassle-free integration
    • Fully compatible with Intermec’s family of decoded scan engines
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  • Megapixel imager and wide-angle optics. Omnidirectional. Laser aimer. Compact. Rugged. Used with ED40 Decoder Board
    Combines high-performance 1D/2D barcode scanning and megapixel document imaging into one compact form factor. With its wide angle and large sensor, the EA21 imager is an excellent choice for image capture and analysis applications. Powered by Honeywell patented decoding and leading edge hardware, this device is an ideal solution for mobile products with the most stringent mechanical constraints. As an OEM, this gives you freedom in your total product design to achieve the smallest, lightest result possible. The EA21 imager features Honeywell's ED40, one of the industry's smallest USB 2.0 decode boards. For larger volume requirements, choose our reference design option to optimize space constraints even further.
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  • No longer available

    Obsolescence Notice EX25 Feb 2022

    Last Time Buy was May 25, 2022

    Replaced by EX30

  • All-in-one-solution. Enhanced barcode reading performance. USB/RS232/TTL multi interface support. IP54. SR and ER optics
    Designed as a powerful 2D barcode scanner which offers specialized scanning performance for reading screen barcodes to help customers improve efficiency with these high throughput devices.
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  • OBSOLETE - replaced by the N4680
    The N3680 barcode scan engine is a fully decoded 2D imager that utilizes Honeywell decoding and imaging technology in our most compact design. It represents a balance between size, performance and ease of integration, providing an enhanced user experience. The N3680 2D imager supports a wide variety of symbologies, including 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes. It also includes advanced features that support reading poorly-printed barcodes, and can read barcodes directly from smartphone screens. To provide an easy upgrade path for customers desiring a 1D laser with a 2D imaging option, the N3680 is the same size as the N4315, and even features the same mounting holes and electrical pin-out. This gives you the greatest flexibility to quickly provide barcode reading solutions with the lowest design cost, in the most compact designs.
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  • Honeywell’s N4300 series miniature laser engines offer high levels of performance and reliability for OEM customers and end users. The N431X engine is designed for integration into a wide range of OEM devices. The engine’s compact mechanical design can drop into many existing applications, allowing OEMs and third-party manufacturers to integrate the benefits of laser-based scanning into a variety of devices, including hand held computers (PDTs, medical instrumentation, kiosks, diagnostic equipment, and robotics).

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  • The N4680 barcode scan engine is a one piece design, fully decoded 2D scan engine that utilizes Honeywell’s latest imaging and decoding technology.

    Drop-in replacement for the N3680.
    Honeywell's next generation, compact decoded N4680 2D scan engine is available in either TTL serial or USB versions, both with an industry-standard, 12-pin ZIF connector. To provide an easier migration path for customers using its predecessor, the Honeywell N3680, the N4680 scan engine is the same mechanical size and features the same mounting holes and electrical pin-out to create a drop-in replacement. For legacy customers using the Gen5 5x00 and EAxx platforms, the N4680 engine provides an upgrade path to better performance in a more compact one-piece package
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  • OEM Fixed-Mount 2D Area Imager
    Delivering high scanning throughput and remote configurability in an easy-to-mount enclosure, the Vuquest 3330g is the smart way to add 2D imaging performance to your product design.
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