Honeywell HF800 Fixed-mounting 2D Industrial Reader

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Powerful DPM decoding and built-in red LED light source to give it powerful decoding capability for DPM.

Suitable for use in harsh and complex environments: its compact size makes it ideal in tight industrial environments, while its IP65 rating ensures that it can handle all types of harsh and complex work environments.

Simple and quick configuration:  it allows image setting to be completed with just one button, thereby significantly increasing the convenience of configuring the reader.

Numerous models to meet different application needs: Offers two versions – 0° and 90° – as well as 3 versions namely HD, SR and ER for different distances; product combinations meet the  needs of users for different applications.

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Honeywell’s fixed-mounting industrial reader HF800 delivers outstanding barcode reading capability for all types of 1D and 2D codes including those on printed labels and the most difficult direct part mark (DPM), making it perfect for production data tracking for PCB and precision electronic parts, food production process management and confirmation of logistics barcode on the external packing cartons for electric/mechanical parts.

HF800 is equipped with imager with a resolution of 500K-pixel which is capable of collecting images at 60 fps. Its built-in red LED light source combined with exceptional DPM decoding algorithm enables HF800 to have powerful DPM resolution. In addition, its compact size makes it ideal for use in an industrial environment with limited space. The IP65 protection rating also ensures that it can handle various harsh working environments.

HF800 is also equipped with DataMax software, as well as AutoLearn function. The user can complete image setting with just one button, a significant convenience for any bar code reader.

The device is integrated with network ports, RS232 port and RS485 port as well as I/O port input to meet the needs of users in different application environments. A 0-degree and 90-degree version for vertical or horizontal mounting can be selected based on the site’s actual working needs.

Depending on the working distance, there are 3 different versions available– HD, SR and ER. The user can select a product that suits their needs for working distance and field of vision.


Common to all models:

* Green LED Aimer
* Fully IP65 enclosed Presentation Module
* Optimized for label and DPM
* Internal Beeper
* Vertical and Standard cameras
* Red Illumination
* Rugged, Versatile
* High scan accuracy
*Available as a right-angle unit and straight
Scan Rate:     60 Scan/sec
Minimum Print Contrast:   20%
Reading DistanceScan AngleMinimum Resolution
HF800HD100% UPC:
40 – 115mm (Standard)
25 – 150mm (Vertical)20 mil QR:
23 – 195mm (Standard)
25 – 170mm (Vertical)5 mil Code 39:
30 – 115mm (Standard)
25 – 90mm (Vertical)
41.4° (Horizontal)
32.2° (Vertical)
0.1016 mm (4  mils) 1D
0.254 mm (10 mils) 2D
HF800SR100% UPC:
55 – 405mm (Standard)
30 – 380mm (Vertical)20 mil QR:
47 – 375mm (Standard)
25 – 350mm (Vertical)5 mil Code 39:
64 – 140mm (Standard)
39 – 115mm (Vertical)
42.4° (Horizontal)
33° (Vertical)
0.127 mm (5  mils) 1D
0.254 mm (10 mils) 2D
HF800ER100% UPC:
71 – 480mm (Standard)
46 – 455mm (Vertical)20 mil QR:
102 – 400mm (Standard)
77 – 375mm (Vertical)5 mil Code 39:
147 – 218mm (Standard)
122 – 193mm (Vertical)
31.6° (Horizontal)
24.4° (Vertical)
0.127 mm (5  mils) 1D
0.254 mm (10 mils) 2D

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