Honeywell N4680 Compact Decoded 2D

The N4680 barcode scan engine is a one piece design, fully decoded 2D scan engine that utilizes Honeywell’s latest imaging and decoding technology.

Drop-in replacement for the N3680.
Honeywell’s next generation, compact decoded N4680 2D scan engine is available in either TTL serial or USB versions, both with an industry-standard, 12-pin ZIF connector. To provide an easier migration path for customers using its predecessor, the Honeywell N3680, the N4680 scan engine is the same mechanical size and features the same mounting holes and electrical pin-out to create a drop-in replacement. For legacy customers using the Gen5 5×00 and EAxx platforms, the N4680 engine provides an upgrade path to better performance in a more compact one-piece package


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The N4680 scan engine is extremely motion tolerant to reach 6 m/s with its image capture at the rate of 120 fps maximum. Its powerful processor is 2.5 times faster.
With the latest decoder platform from Honeywell, the device supports a wide variety of symbologies, including 1D, 2D and OCR . It also includes advanced features that support reading poorly printed and on-screen barcodes. These attributes make the N4680 scan engine useful to address the growing trend of many paperless, contactless applications.

The N4680 allows customers simple integration either with standard serial TTL or USB interface, a compact form factor and no mechanical design issues in dealing with an extra cable and decoder board. Whether you are looking for a scan engine to handle scanning-intensive applications, like many hand-held terminals, or need a compact size to fit into tight mechanical designs, the N4680 provides your answer for both mobile and fixed applications.


  • Drop-in replacement for the Honeywell N3680 Series scan engines with the same electrical and mechanical compatibility, but with a much higher motion tolerance that allows customers to design the device into scanning-intensive applications.
  • Fully integrated, one-piece design scan engine, so there’s no need for an extra decoder board or host decoder programming. The N4680 Series does not require a separate CPU or OS for integration into a device.
  • Improved snappiness with global shutter has much higher motion tolerance of 6 m/s versus 0,1 m/s in rolling shutter.
  • Supports beyond barcode functionalities such as OCR and TotalFreedom™ that offer an open-system architecture for developing software plug-ins to implement value-added custom features such as Honeywell’s EasyDL™.
  • Wide operating temperature range provides application flexibility.



RESOLUTION: 640 x 480

FPS: 120 MAX

ILLUMINATION:  White LED illumination

AIMING:  Red dot aimer


FIELD OF VIEW:  40° horizontal × 30° vertical


13 ML UPC :       46 mm to 390 mm [1.81 in to 15.35 in]
5 MIL C39:         45 mm to 180 mm [1.77 in to 7.09 in]
10 MIL C39:       36 mm to 360 mm [1.41 in to 14.17 in]
20 MIL C39:       71 mm to 747 mm [2.79 in to 29.41 in]
7 MIL PDF417:   55 mm to 163 mm [2.17 in to 6.42 in]
10 MIL PDF417: 42 mm to 247 mm [1.65 in to 9.72 in]
10 MIL QR:         40 mm to 182 mm [1.57 in to 7.17 in]
20 MIL QR:         36 mm to 367mm [1.42 in to 14.45 in]


OPERATING TEMPERATURE -30°C to 60°C [-22°F to 140°F]

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