N5780 Series Compact, Decoded 2D Scan Engine

The N5780 Series features superb motion tolerance, reaching 6 m/s with an image capture rate of 60 FPS, upwards to 120 FPS with a firmware upgrade.

The powerful imaging processor provides beyond barcode reading capabilities for OCR, as well as optimized reading performance of QR codes.
White illumination and the green cross target aimer provide the end user with a superior and intuitive scanning experience that helps to boost transaction speed and productivity.


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The N5780 Series decoded 2D scan engines are purpose-built for everyday interactive and unattended applications such as those found in kiosks and worker-assisted solutions such as hand-held scanners. This product provides an intuitive, end user experience while delivering excellent motion tolerance and snappiness that helps increase workflow productivity.

The N5780 Series provides a smooth upward migration from its predecessor, the N4680 Series, by leveraging the Smart Adaptus™ 7.0 hardware platform and powerful decoding architecture. The N5780 Series’ similar form factor features the same mounting holes as the N4680 Series, as well as an industry standard 12-pin connector, helping to accelerate product development with ease and reliability, further improving time to market.

This product is also a follow-on to the popular N5680 Series. Customers experience a sleeker, one-piece, packaged solution with advanced performance. The 2.5 times faster processor speed and support of a wide variety of barcode symbologies, including 1D and 2D, help future-proof applications, whether they be fixed or mobile.


  • Small, lightweight form factor with 12-pin connector provides mechanical compatibility for frictionless migration.
  • Powerful decoding and imaging processor of the Smart Adaptus™ 7.0 platform and form factor enables rapid development and reduces time to market.
  • 1 Mpx resolution and global shutter technology enables excellent snappiness and motion tolerance to provide greater productivity and throughput in kiosk applications.
  • Lower power consumption enhances application performance and functionality in the application’s workflow.
  • Supports beyond barcode reading capabilities such as OCR, as well as the microservices that provide implementation of value-added custom features such as Honeywell’s EasyDL™.



RESOLUTION: 1280 pixel x 800 pixel

FPS: 60 FPS; up to 120 FPS maximum through firmware upgrade

ILLUMINATION:  White LED illumination

AIMING: green cross LED


FIELD OF VIEW: 47° horizontal × 30° vertical



SCAN ANGLES: tilt: 360°, pitch: ±60°, skew: ±60°


OPERATING TEMPERATURE -30°C to 60°C [-22°F to 140°F]



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