Honeywell N6803 Series 2D Scan Engines

Honeywell’s ultra slim scan engine innovation continues with the latest FlexRange™ N6803 Series 2D scan engines.

Honeywell offers its customers the latest Swiftdecoder™ HD host decoder software which leverages the customer’s mobility processing power. For customers developing devices without an OS, Gen8 DB decoder boards are perfectly designed to provide a seamless barcode reading experience with minimal footprint, best suited for wearable devices.


For use in professional-grade, mobile devices such as tablets, wearable scanners, mobile terminals, accessories in retail stores, warehouses and healthcare facilities, as well as delivery, pick-up/drop-off and field servicing.

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The Honeywell FlexRange™ N6803 Series includes N6803MR and N6803FR 2D scan engines. Both variants have the same ultra slim form factor of 6,8 mm height x 23,5 mm width x 16,2 mm depth [0.27 in height x 0.93 in width x 0.64 in depth], with a read range of up to 6 m [19.7ft] for the N6803MR and up to 10 m [32.8 ft] for the N6803FR. The N6803 Series weighs only 3 g – one of the lightest scan engines in the industry. The engine’s lower power consumption favourably compares to long-range engines within its class and translates to longer battery life in a single charge – reducing the need to re-charge mid shift. These purposeful design features lend themselves to virtually every potential application by using a single, compact, lightweight device that doesn’t compromise on range, ergonomics or speed.


The N6803MR scan engine is unlike any legacy design. It is all solid state and uses the latest Smart Adaptus™ 8.0 focus technology to adjust the optical parameter and algorithm for reading even out-of-focus images. This allows the depth-of-field (DOF) to extend beyond what traditional single lens architecture is able to achieve, allowing an efficient and comfortable working range needed in transportation and logistics industries.


The N6803FR version further pushes the boundary of the reading range needed in warehouse and distribution centres. With its dual lens architecture and fast, near and far switching mechanism, there’s no time spent refocusing and is a superb choice for workers who need to scan a wide variety of ranges with a single device.


  • Ultra slim form factor; the smallest and lightest long-range scanner series to standardize on a single device to meet the needs of multiple workflows with near, mid and far read ranges
  • Smart Adaptus™ 8.0 technology extends the single lens read range of standard range optics and dual lens design for simultaneous close and far image capture. Reads barcodes from 6 cm to 6 m [2.3 in to 20 ft] for the N6803MR and up to 10 m [30 ft] for the N6803FR.
  • Extreme light weight of 3 g [0.11 oz] is best suited for wearables; designed for the most rugged environments with shock up to 3500 G.
  • Lower power consumption compared to long-range engines within its class translates to longer battery life in a single charge.
  • Flexible decoding options with SwiftDecoder HD host decoder software or Gen8 DB decoder board to suit every integration need.

Additional information

Dimensions6.8 × 23.5 × 16.2 cm


Overview of N6803MR

See Datasheet for more detail and spec for N6803FR


RESOLUTION: 1920 pixel x 800 pixel

FPS: 60 fps default

ILLUMINATION:  White LED illumination

AIMING:  white 650 nm laser dot

FIELD OF VIEW:  37° horizontal × 16° vertical



OPERATING TEMPERATURE -30°C to 60°C [-22°F to 140°F]




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