OMRON MicroHAWK F430-F Smart Camera

World’s smallest fully-integrated vision system.

  • Simple configuration with AutoVISION.
  • 5 megapixel sensor available.
  • Autofocus available.
  • Alternate LED configuration available.
  • Smallest in class.
  • IP65 / IP67.
  • Ethernet TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, ProfiNET I/O


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Traditional image inspections require one or more dedicated cameras to be paired with a code reader. Omron’s F430-F/F420-F Series Smart Camera bundles all this functionality into a single device, dramatically simplifying application design. The single-camera solution also reduces the initial investment, cuts down on wiring work and keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. A single camera can capture a wide view, eliminating the need to combine multiple cameras that require time-consuming positioning design and fine-tuning.

The F430-F/F420-F Series can simultaneously perform detection tasks (presence, color, and shape) and code reading within the field of view. You can easily increase inspection points for quality enhancement.

To perform a simple inspection task – such as presence/absence detection, color detection, etc. – along with a code or character reading, a highly-functional sensor or a sensor combined with a code reader for each purpose would be required. The F430-F/F420-F Series successfully performs both functions, simplifying inspection tasks overall.

A single camera with smart camera and code reader functionalities halves the number of cables to the host device and the installation space.
The F430-F/F420-F Series with a long-life liquid lens provides unlimited autofocus, easily focusing on different items just by switching the focus. The liquid lens greatly reduces the replacement frequency that is once every several months to several years with the mechanical autofocus lens.
Mechanical autofocus uses a small motor as a major component. Metal fatigue and wear shorten the life of the camera, which requires replacement every year. The liquid autofocus lens can flexibly change its focal length without mechanical wear by applying voltage to change the internal oil and water shape.




Common features

  •  Communication port(s):    EtherNet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, PROFINET Slave, Serial RS-232C
  •  Degree of protection (IP):  IP65/IP67

Prices & Availability

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